Bij leven
       een zachte grens


Want dat is hoe de dingen gaan en dat is hoe de dingen gebeuren, soms gevuld door leegte soms vervuld ervan. Soms gemaakt ervan en gedaan alsof ze er niet was zoals met de stilte ook gebeurt soms, als ze valt, tussen woorden en regenbuien. 


In the world of the living we don’t know how to connect with the dead. I compare it to an airport where the dead are the passengers we wave goodbye. Distanced from them, because the tube between the plane and the departure hall is missing. What we miss is a space in between life and death, to make the border softer.

My bronze works capture a moment in time. Handprints are turned into objects like handles, doorknobs, bowls or cufflinks. The person who imprinted these, comes closer through touch. A memoir in daily life. From dark to lighter with golden spots in between, the bronze shows as well the changing of time as the relationship from person to person. Dead or alive.

‘Bij Leven’ can’t be translated, but refers to a person in both life and death.